Adding to the Culture.

Adding to the Culture.

You have a strong foundational culture and you want to grow your team; but there’s a big fear that you have this great team and you don’t want to ruin it by hiring the wrong people. How do you make sure this doesn’t happen? The last thing you want to do is hire people that don’t either have the skills or don’t fit into the culture of your organisation.

Firstly, it’s important that we change the language around this. We should be looking for people who are going to enhance our culture. Adding to the culture as opposed to fitting into the culture because the culture is always changing and morphing. Culture never ever stays the same. As leaders we don’t just want people that are going to fit into the status quo, we want people that are going to add something to our culture and help it evolve.

As a team leader or a senior team member, you will have different levels of influence around this process. Three of the areas you can make a difference is firstly where to find great talent, secondly, how to get great talent. The third area is contributing to your employer brand to help attract the right talent. You may be asked to be part of the technical interview process or to come up with questions to ask in the interviews. It is in this process we can assess and evaluate if a candidate will add to our team and our company culture or not.

Adding to the Culture

Help Your Recruiters.

If you’ve got an internal recruitment or are using an agency, tell them where they can find these people, give them an idea of what kind of companies they should be targeting. What kind of meetups that they should go to, what type of conferences that they should be at. Give them some of that information that they might not have. Encourage your company to sponsor these events and promote on social media. Promote your people, promote your team, promote the types of projects you’re doing. That is a way that you get people to notice your organisation and to be attracted to come and work with you. LinkedIn groups and Reddit groups can be good targets too. There are so many different platforms that recruiters may not know about. As a technical person, you’re in the know, you know where all these people are and where they’re going. So, give your recruiter those tips and help them find the best people.

Sell Your Company Culture.

Professionals know what they do, they know what skills they need to have for a job role so use an advert as an opportunity to sell your organisation, not just to tell people what they should have when they already know that. Good people can work anywhere. They’re weighing your company against another six or seven different companies. Use your advert to really sell all the benefits that your company has and list them all out. Use gender-neutral wording as you want as many people as possible to apply.

Adding to the Culture

An example of the way that I would recommend structuring an advert is first, and I don’t mean the “we’ve been around for 15 years.” What’s the purpose of your company? Who do you add value to? Who do you help? What kind of customers do you work with? How do you change people’s lives? Whether it be customers or society, if you’re a company, you’ve got to have a purpose and a vision. So really sell that because that’s what people are truly interested in. How are we adding value as a company?

Tell the candidate how they will be adding value to the role that they are applying for. What will they be doing; how will they contribute to your team? Talk about how they can help your company. This is what people are looking for. Use it as an advert to sell all the company benefits that you have. You are going to have benefits for employees that will be great attractors to work at your company. Not every company has the same ones so use them to your advantage.

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