Ways To Boost Employee Engagement Through Technology.

Ways To Boost Employee Engagement Through Technology.

The value of engaged employees is undeniable. Employee engagement has a direct impact on company performance and profitability reducing turnover, absenteeism and increasing employee satisfaction, productivity, profitability and employee loyalty.

Before choosing a new tool for your business do your research. There are some questions you should ask yourself and your employees when you’re planning to introduce new technology. Collaboration is something we have talked about earlier and is one of the most critical aspects of a successful company. Collaboration by itself doesn’t necessarily boost engagement. Not everyone excels in a group environment. When you bring technology into the equation, however, you encourage collaboration in an environment they’re familiar with. Employee adoption begins before you’ve made your purchase, not on their first training day. Conduct some research before you decide. Make sure the tool ticks off these boxes.

What value does the tool provide?

What problem does it solve?

Is this problem your main priority?

What competition does the tool have?

What would the implementation process involve?

Employee Engagement

When you have decided on the tool that holds the most value for your business and you know what problem it solves and importantly you know your employees want that problem solved too. Before you introduce the new technology to your employees you should get to grips with it yourself. If the tool has a free trial period make use of this and test it yourself. When it comes time to pitch it you will thank yourself for having a working knowledge of how it works.

When it comes time to introduce your team to the new technology look at these strategies to make it smoother for all of you.

Set a realistic timeline. Trying to introduce new technology in the middle of a big project or your busiest time of the year may be counter-intuitive. Find the right time and set timeline goals so you can keep track of the adoption process.

Early adopters. Having people who are at the forefront of technology and help them to encourage your team to take ownership of it. Having these key team members encourage the new technology will help take the weight off your shoulders as a leader.

Training. How do you make sure that no team member is left behind? Will people need extra help? How will you provide it? This is one of the main make or break areas in your adoption strategy so efficiency and effectiveness are keys to help your team get up to speed.

Expectations & Goals. If your employees make an effort to use the new technology effectively you should find ways to reward them. Recognition means a lot especially in work and even more so in a public setting.

Here are five platforms that you can look into to help employee engagement.

Bonusly. A peer to peer employee recognition platform. It is designed to increase employee engagement and retention through employee shout outs that are tied to company values and redeemable for real-world rewards.

Reward Gateway. With over 1,800 customers and over 5 million users, Reward Gateway is a leader in the rewards and recognition space. Their solution is built on an engaging peer to peer recognition platform that allows colleagues to recognize one another and turn that recognition into perks and rewards.

Kudos. Specifically designed to engage employees through peer to peer recognition, that can also lead to employee rewards.  Recognition sent within Kudos is tied to company values and qualities, reinforcing your culture and enabling deep data insights into the health of your workplace culture.  In addition to software, they offer consulting services.

Kazoo. They combine employee rewards and recognition with engagement and performance management into one platform.  This three-pronged approach allows teams to use one vendor that seamlessly shares data across all three modules.

Shoutout! Is a simple and easy to use secure platform with controlled access to show gratitude and give recognition to an individual or a team. With the ability to embed on your company intranet as well as auto cross-posting options for MS Teams, Yammer, Google Hangouts and Slack is a great way to create engagement and a culture of recognising and valuing your team.

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